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With bases in Japan and the Philippines, we combine IT and Manpower to create dynamic business platform solutions.
Software Development

With the power of Information Technology, we can provide solutions to your manpower needs.

Securing adequate manpower has become one of the biggest business challenges that Japan has to face amidst its decreasing labour force. Taking advantage of its strategic location in Asia with bases in Singapore and the Philippines, CYOLAB has combined IT and Manpower in providing platform solutions to support businesses.


We provide business platforms that are fully adaptable to various industries and business needs to address manpower demands.


BPO Service collaboration with an accredited accounting firm


We have partnered with Aoyama Sogo Accounting Office in Singapore in providing accounting BPO services from Cebu, Philippines. With Singapore at the center, we support Japanese companies expanding to ASEAN countries in outsourcing their accounting operations and provide solutions for global business development.

FinTech x BPO

Offshore Cloud Sourcing Development


We have provided a unique platform to our partner company, Sprasia Inc., to connect clients to our offshore development teams. With the combination of our experienced team and this platform, we were able to provide an efficient, low-cost, high quality offshore development services.

Cloud Platform

Text animation service development for news video streaming


We have collaborated with the R&D division in Sprobe Inc., Cebu to develop a system for the creation and management of motion typography images.

IT Offshore



Centered in Singapore, we focus on providing business integration solutions to the ASEAN region. Together with our subsidiary company, Sprobe Inc., in the Philippines we have expanded our labour force to provide offshore development and BPO services.

Technical Strength

Providing a wide range of solutions from development of mobile applications for major SI companies to service maintenance.


Use of high English proficiency in research of latest technology trends.


Flexible approach to projects whether as a contracted development or lab development.

Own Services

Own service application built from scratch


Cloud Accounting System(IAOY)・SPIMS


Cloud Sourcing Platform

Our Team

Experienced in global business.


Highly skilled and competent engineers.


Experts in the actualization of client specific needs.

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