Our outsourcing platform is a type of platform never before built and will create Japan's next standard.


CYOLAB, with our R&D centre in the Philippines, provides offshore development, FinTech x BPO, and cloud platform services. Using our outsourcing platform to collaborate with our highly professional partner companies, we were able to provide a broad and stable Business Platform.

5 Things that define us


We are situated in 2 significantly growing countries in Southeast Asia - Singapore and the Philippines


Singapore, our headquarter office location, with a reputation as the easiest place to do business is ASEAN region's gateway and is one of the best business hub in Asia. Taking advantage of our strategic location, we provide IT solutions to Japanese companies expanding their head offices and R&D operations to Asian markets. The Philippines, where our development and BPO centres are located have extensive resources of young and skillful professionals. English proficiency is ranked #1 with 70% of the population using English as one of their native languages. For companies expanding their services to ASEAN region and globally, Singapore and the Philippines provides the best opportunities.

02 High English Proficiency 〜 Business English Index (BEI)〜

From the Business English Index (BEI) study, compared to Japan which is ranked 50th and Singapore 10th, Philippines has taken the top place for English proficiency in business. The English language is commonly used from daily conversations, business, schools, and in the media. Offshore development and outsourcing are significantly shifting its focus from countries like China and Vietnam to the Philippines for its high-level English communication competency.

03 Young Workforce

The Philippines has an abundance of young workforce. Compared to Japan's average age of 46, the Philippines's average age is 24 with a dominantly high labor force. From its demographic pyramid view alone, it indeed offers an attractive investment destination.

04 Singapore as a global business magnet

Singapore having a stable political and social condition with English as it's official business language offers a most suitable environment to conduct business. With its excellent infrastractures (electricity, transportation, telecommunication), it also offers a high quality of life. Singapore has an extensive market size, strong sustainable growth, and has become the core economy in the fast-growing ASEAN market.

05 Strong alliance with our group company, Sprobe Inc.

We encourage growth of members by providing a fun work environment that empowers their individualities and high level of creativity.


We combine Japan's high quality of service with Philippines's hospitality to provide the best services to our clients.

Working as a family

We continuously aim to build a company with a strong family-like bond to encourage motivation and a sense of continuity among members.

Dedicated teams to client's needs

We build dedicated teams to match client business needs.


Company Name
18 Robinson Road #20-02,
18 Robinson, Singapore 048547
June 2012(Sprobe Inc.)
September 2013(CYOLAB PTE. LTD.)
Noriyuki Yoshida
Group employees
200 (including officers and advisors)
Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry Singapore
The Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Phils., Inc.(Sprobe Inc.)
The Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry Of Cebu Inc.(Sprobe Inc.)
Plan to get ISMS
Japan Desk
3rd floor, Ichigo Sakurabashi Building, 4-8-2 Hatchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0032
TEL 03-6228-3425
Cebu office
Sprobe Inc.
14th Floor, Cebu Tower Bldg. 2, Lot 6 Block 2, Bohol St. and Archbishop Reyes Ave., Cebu Business Park, Cebu City, 6000
Group company


SPROBE was established as an R&D base in Cebu, Philippines.
CYOLAB Pte. Ltd was founded.

CYOLAB was established as 100% parent company of SPROBE and also as an ASEAN sales and marketing hub.

Start of lab-type IT development business.

Started service to provide excellent IT development human resources for companies in Japan and ASEAN region.

Start of Accounting BPO operation.

Collaborated with a Singapore accounting firm to start a BPO service for accounting related operations.

Start of cloud platform business.

Launched IAOY, a cloud-type back office management platform as the first step.

Collaboration with Delta Co., Ltd.
Start of creative business.

In addition to the production of 3D perspective design, we have started providing services that incorporate the latest technologies such as BIM, 3D modeling, VR and video production, and VFX.

Japan Desk in Hatchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo was established.

Assigned Filipino engineers to Japan and started a resident service in Japan to support development work.

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18 Robinson Road #20-02,
18 Robinson, Singapore 048547
(+65) 9445 5049