Cloud platform service to support declining manpower resource

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Industry-specific B2B
Cloud Sourcing Platform

CYOLAB's cloud platform service offers highly specialized cloud sourcing for various industries that can be customized to specific industry needs. From offshore development, FinTech outsourcing, to video creation, we cater to different areas of businesses to support companies in their global expansion.

Cloud Sourcing in the Global Spotlight

Cloud sourcing is now widely used in specialized industries such as legal, medical, and biotechnological services. With the decreasing population in Japan, cloud sourcing can provde resources and technology that could become a fundamental part of services from now on.

Cloud Platfrom to Answer Your Needs

Supports market expansion and globalization of company services and internal resources
We customize business platforms to client needs and support the end-to-end management process. With our strong business English proficiency, we can support global market expansion.
Opens channels for manpower sharing
Utilization of cloud platform can make available manpower open to possibilities that will result to a more solid company structure and create a system that will contribute to business expansion. And by implementing this in conjuction with other companies using this service, it allows low cost operation that benefits all companies involved.

Cloud Platform Partnerships

As a portal, CYOLAB collaborates with a diverse number of distributors across a wide range of industries for the platform's creation, partenership, and delivery.


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