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With its high English profiency and natural hospitable nature, The Philippines is now ranked No.1 in BPO service surpassing India!

CYOLAB has a team of Certified Public Accountants following IFRS standards in the Philippines providing core accounting operation and client communication business process solutions. Together with our partner accounting firm, we provide accounting operation support to global companies primarily in the ASEAN region.

We not only offer core operation support services but also direct communication with clients.

FinTech Platform Service

BPO Service partnered with a certified accounting firm
We provide BPO accounting support with focus on companies with regional headquarter in the ASEAN region. All operations are managed by Certified Public Accountants following the IFRS Standards and through our partnership with a certified accounting firm, we are also able to support in Japanese.
FinTech Specialized Cloud Sourcing Service
In partnership with Solxyz Co. Ltd. which develops financial systems, CYOLAB offers a FinTech specialized cloud sourcing system.  We provide experienced and the most suitable team to answer customer's FinTech related purpose and application.

Cloud-based Accounting Service「IAOY」

Cloud-based accounting service IAOY provides solutions to many business challenges faced by globally expanding accounting firms.

1. Increasing number of clients brought about by global expansion and the booming increase of investments to the ASEAN market.
2. Use of various types of forms and Excel data in different formats per client.
3. Large volume of manual operations which requires time and resources.
4. Singapore's high human resource movement and increasing wages.


For Japanese companies expanding to the ASEAN region, account processing has become one of their main business challenges. As an example, accounting system used in Japan cannot be utilized in their subsidiary company overseas forcing them to resort to manual operations.
To answer this issue, CYOLAB has developed a cloud platform for FinTech outsourcing to support business accounting processing and operations.
By simply uploading digital copies of receipts, invoices, etc to the cloud platform, our BPO service will manage the accounting operations together with our partner accounting firm. Our IAOY cloud-based accounting service system can also provide a centralized processing of expense calculations, payroll, billing, inventory, sales and purchase management.
These solutions provide answers to global challenges that businesses are facing now.

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