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Do you have these concerns with offshore development?

Long preparation time for structure development
Low quality output
Can only request for easy tasks
Cannot see project progress

CYOLAB's New Offshore Development Approach

CYOLAB, with Sprobe as it's offshore development centre in Cebu, Philippines,
offers unique offshore development that delivers cost advantages and solutions to conventional concerns.


1 We have trained teams for immediate start of development

For common offshore developments, engineers are hired and trained per project request.
For CYOLAB, engineers are hired and trained as full-time employees delivering teamwork to projects.

2 We offer consistent quality output using our own platform for service development.

CYOLAB utilizes it's own developed platform for service development, IAOY, to implement high quality deliverables.
With minimal impact on cost, quality, and delivery time, it also enables start of small projects.

Service Development Platform - IAOY

Using our development platform created with libraries necessary for businesses, we are able to eliminate development from scratch to offer low cost and speedy output.

Libraries: Sales Order Management/Forms Control/Master Registration/Schedule Management/User Access Management/Data Aggregation/Task Management/Workflow Setting/>User Access Management/Data Aggregation/Task Management/Workflow Setting

High Quality Output Guaranteed

Our offshore development is based on a system that already has actual implementation in other projects, guaranteeing high quality output in comparison with development from scratch.

3 Development scheme with close project visualization

We implement processes using various tools for effective development and
have created a structure for visualization of task performance for faster response to any modifications.

Flexible and Speedy Release

We implement the agile project development with 1-2 weeks per sprint and decide on next tasks based on current service status and priorities. This ensures a speedy and flexible service development.

Task Performance Management

Task time performance of each engineer is managed using a system to track and show graphically progress status and performance. We incorporate processes for early detection of possible delays to immediately implement preventive actions.

KPT Implementation

We implement evaluations of projects using the KPT (Keep/Problem/Try) framework to further promote a more effective development structure.

As your development partner, we guarantee long term cost advantages.

It is mostly projected that 90% of the cost to start a service is after its release.
We have implemented an offshore development solutions with long term cost advantages.

Other Companies

Usual offshore development generates costs during training.

Many rejections occur during this process which causes more effort from the customer.
CYOLAB's offshore development includes training of engineers and implementation of development tools and platforms.

Customer's effort will be limited to the minimum!

Offshore Development in a most advantageous location - Cebu, Philippines

Strong Affinity Toward Japan

Our members in Cebu, Philippines are good-natured individuals who value harmony in teamwork. They are most suitable for long term team building. Based on the a 2014 survey on pro-Japanese awareness, 90% of the result shows strong affinity toward Japan and they have qualities that can easily build trusts with Japanese.

Only 1 Hour Time Difference With Japan

With only 1 hour time difference between Japan and the Philippines, meetings and change requests can easily be done in real time allowing fast business flow.

English Communication Made Possible

The Philippines has obtained the #1 ranking in global business English and compared with other Asian countries such as Vietnam and China, they have an exceptional command of English. Together with their high communication skills, smooth communication in English is made possible.


Project Operation Plans
Development Methods
Agile / Waterfall
Shared Network / Exclusive Network / VPN Connection
Development Location
Dedicated work spaces (with login/logout management) / Shared work spaces (with login/logout management)
Bridge Engineer/PM
Resident Management / Remote Management / On-site Short-Term Management
Project Operation Examples
File Management System development for corporate use
Agile method, Shared network, Shared work space, Remote project management
Test Certification sales order management system development for a foundation use
Waterfall method, Exclusive network, Dedicated work space, Resident project management
Languages and Environments used in Actual Projects

Java, J2EE, C#, C, C++, VB.NET, JavaScript, PHP, Objective-C, Perl, Python, Ruby, ActionScript, bash, HTML5, Android(Java), C++, C#, Xamarin, Objective-C, PhoneGap, Unity3D, Struts2, Spring, JSF, JSP, Seasar2, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Symfony, Zend2, Yii, Prado, EC-Orange, MT, WordPress, ROR,jQuery, ExtJS, AngularJS, Node.js, GulpJS, Bootstrap, Salesforce, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, AWS, OAuth2.0,MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, memcache, Jasmine, Karma, Selenium, Cucumber, BrowserSync, Junit, Redmine, Phabricator, Git, SVN, Gradle, Maven, Apache Isis Lombok,Apache, Tomcat, nginx, Postfix, Hibernate, Unity AR, Play Framework, Apache ISIS, Amazon AI IBM Watson

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